• KITHSneakerRoom3

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Due to the increasing number of orders, we have recently integrated with a third party shipper specializing in fulfillment. This will enable us to get our customers their products quicker and more efficiently, which allows us more time to focus on customer service and the overall KITH customer experience. We will be progressively moving all our fulfillment to this company and are anticipating a smooth transition. With this said, we have been getting many requests for tracking on the recent “Daytona” and “Americana” footwear shipments, which, if you have not received yet, you will be receiving by day’s end tomorrow. Thank you for your continued support and we promise to continually improve all aspects to ensure everyone full satisfaction at KITH.

    -Kith team

  • Chris

    Thank you any update on the volcano apprel ?

  • Jeff

    How about the nb998 re-issue global exclusive

  • smc

    thank you for charging my account hundreds of dollars and not filling my order…it has been weeks…you charged my account in full…no follow up mail…this is fraud…i am going to have to report you to the better business bureau and police…folks, do NOT trust this vendor!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darrion

    Yeah , wassup with the volcanoe apparel ? Nobody is giving us a legit reason why its being held and when it’s going to ship out . It’s been a month and a half to long

  • PTG

    “Horrible customer service” is all over Kith’s Yelp, Facebook, etc. Seems like staff was stretched a bit thin and this is a move in the right direction. Late shipments on volcano gear blows, but now it looks like they’ll have time to get to what is probably a large backlog of issues. Here’s to the new Kith customer service.

  • .

    “which, if you have not received yet, you will be receiving by day’s end tomorrow.”

    This should read…

    ” which, if you have not received yet, you may or not be receiving your package by day’s end tomorrow. We honestly have no clue when you will be getting the package.”

    Good way to improve your customer service! Thumbs up!!!

  • krukz

    stillll haven’t got mine

  • KithCSsucks

    Y’all are sluffin big time. I have a total of three orders totalling about $450+. What type of customer service is this? “With this said, we have been getting many requests for tracking on the recent “Daytona” and “Americana” footwear shipments, which, if you have not received yet, you will be receiving by day’s end tomorrow.” I still havent gotten anything regarding my order. I thought concepts had bad customer service but you guys have taken that title. Y’all need to get your shit together and learn how to run a business. With this ordeal your shop has lost many customers…tsk tsk.

  • chode

    If the merchandise is made in NYC as you guys say… why is the apparel held up in customs…? hmm

  • MAC

    Just got my conformation for the Daytona’s !
    I’m so excited! I waited an entire week! Although customer service needs improvement, I am overall satisfied. \

  • Deeemar <—- follow me on IG

    Its crazy how Victor Cruz is not doing shit for the New York Giants but somehow he is still getting his shit BEFORE PAYING CUSTOMERS . Cmon now , he probally is getting all his stuff free and doesn’t have to go through no online hassle like us and you’ll still want to give us our shit late . It’s never on time , and you’ll customer service is horrible . When you’ll pick up the phone you’ll don’t just say ” Kith ” thats so shitty . Get you’ll shit together having us waiting and what not but got people who work in the store posting pictures on Instagram but can’t pick up the phone where they do that at . Act right

  • YungP

    No emails about shipping confirm. It does say 5-10 business days; however, this specific blog stated that email cconfirmations should be received by the customers. I, as well as my friend, have purchased the ‘Daytonas’ via pre-order. He has yet to receive his email confirmation as well. It is very upsetting when both a blog, and a direct answer from Ronnie Fieg’s instagram both state one thing when multiple customers have yet to see any conclusion. Customer service has never emailed back.The Volcano apparel situation was well handled, but the ‘daytonas’ are a pain when statements are not met for all customers. Please improve customer service. The quality of product should not have to account for the lack of quality in customer service. As a customer, I can remain patient, but if other customers are receiving their shipping informatjln and many others have not, then of course many will be upset. Thank you & have a good day.

  • Neb

    I have to agree with what everyone is saying about the customer service, there

    virtually is none. I shouldn’t have to send five emails asking what is going on
    with the volcano gear, and receive no response every time, complete radio
    silence until you put out that blog post. How am I meant to know what is going
    on if you can’t even respond to an email.

    So then I preordered the Daytona’s and waited and waited and waited for the
    shipping confirmation, and once again nothing. Then you put out another blog
    post saying the Daytona’s will be shipping by the day’s end, and to no ones
    surprise was a lie. You only get away with this atrocious customer service
    because there is no other alternative to get these products. Treat the lifeblood
    of your company; the CUSTOMERS with a little more respect please.

  • Corey

    So much for this blog post. I still have not received shipping info or my shoes. This is getting ridiculous Kith.

  • drew rooney

    hire a staff that doesnt think they are so ‘cool’ and you will get people willing to serve customers. where is my email about my daytonas you pricks?!?!

  • Boston

    Agreed. After I get my kicks (who knows when) I am boycotting them!!!

  • jay

    You guys are idiots if you expect a small retail store like kith to be able to fill all your orders and send emails to everyone at once they are going to have problems especially when there popularity and orders increase name a sneaker store that does not have these problems no one is going to to boycott there products are fire and resellers would be out a lot of money