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  • The Homie Adam Z. of Kith,
    was caught rocking a low-key but very killer outfit.
    FEET first of course..
    First thing i noticed was the decade old Jordans.
    2001.. True Blue Jordan Retro IIIs (classics for some.. least favorite of the popular IIIs for others)

    very clean pair of Scotch & Soda Slim Fit Chinos.. easily a great match paired with True Blues, good compliment.

    Nike “Destroyer” Letterman Varsity.. from the “Canarinho” Brazil World Cup Collection.  Interesting Details on this piece..  Being Black on black, makes it very versatile, then the White bands on the ribbing has a classic feel. “Grupo Da Morte” reads.. Group of Death in Latin. DOPE!

    top off with this Ludwig X Quintin Double Denim Six Panel Snap cap..
    personal touches makes style.


    I always say “stick to the classics” and “Less is more, NO EXTRAs!

    Yours Truly.
    - sQ.

  • Shari27

    Killer outfit, for sure!! Especially love the decade old Jordans paired w/that jacket. Very cool.

  • Justashoefan

    Um, no. Individual pieces are crazy good but it’s a grab and go fit without lights